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" In the real world, when one of us does make the ultimate sacrifice, we did so kicking and screaming all the way. Each and every one of us knows the inherent risk we undertake every time we put on our uniform.  We take chances. We make mistakes. We underestimate the danger we put ourselves into, and we sometimes die. Not one of us will do so willingly. Those that lost their lives deserve every bit of honor that they have earned, but is a dishonor to them, their family and their memory to think that they gave their lives away willingly.

A life for a life is not saving a life. We are not in the business of breaking even. We take risks, save lives and go home when our shift is over. Because we signed up to do the job of protecting the public to the best of our ability does not mean that our lives are of less value than the lives that are lost due to circumstances beyond our control."
Автор -  Michael Morse (C).

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